WyldLynx SmartLink® is a Content Manager plugin that has been built to allow users to quickly and easily send links to CM-controlled documents via email.

Not only can you now send links to CM-controlled documents, it has been designed in such a way that the document itself maintains all security features when using SmartLink® - no more removing and sending uncontrolled copies!

Just some of the ways you can use SmartLink®:

  • Insert direct hyperlinks into a range of application formats, including:
    • Microsoft Word and Excel
    • PDF's
    • webpages
    • emails
  • Specify the link to go to the installed CM client OR the Web Client

SmartLink allows the team to put hyperlinks in documents, emails and on our intranet with ease. It also easily creates links to the web client for people in the field.

User Feedback
Using SmartLink®

Inserting a hyperlink to a Content Manager document in an email, webpage or other document is easy, and the access level is up to you.

Integrated right into Content Manager, SmartLink® will allow you - or anyone you send the link to - to open any CM controlled file/record, while still maintaining Content Managers compliance and security levels!

Contact us today for pricing on SmartLink®. You might be surprised at our great deals!

SmartTools® are proudly designed, developed and maintained internally by our WyldLynx development team.

Designed as add-ins or stand-alone products, each SmartTool is programmed to best-practice standards specifically to make your time in the main program better.

If you have an idea for a tool that will make your time in Content Manager, ControlPoint or Structured Data Manager better, let us know and you may get your problems solved for free!

Alternatively, if you require some programming or have an idea for a function that is not for a part of the MicroFocus suite, check out our Custom Development to see what else we can do for you.

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