WyldLynx has developed expertise in business products from multiple vendors, and are proud to be able to bring these products to our clients.

We are also constantly developing our own software products in-house, with many most being specifically designed to enhance other vendors products, or fill important gaps to make our clients time more efficient.

Here at WyldLynx we pride ourselves on recommending and implementing the best solutions for the situation, rather than the closest fit with what we have, and our long-standing relationships with our clients is testament to our success.

To examine in further detail the products we feature heavily in our day to day operations, select from the Products menu options or choose a link below.

Micro Focus Secure Content Management Products

As specialists in these products from the Secure Content Management portfolio, WyldLynx is at the forefront of the eDRMS space in the Oceania region.

From small businesses to entire Government departments, WyldLynx can design and implement the right system for your organisation - using the tools best suited to your situation.

Visit each of the product pages for more information on these amazing tools.



Since pioneering e-signature technology, DocuSign has been on a mission to simplify life for people and companies around the world.

Connecting and automating how businesses prepare, sign and manage agreements has seen eSignature from DocuSign become the worlds #1 way to sign documents electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.

Bringing the power and simplicity of DocuSign eSignature to Content Manager has been a milestone achievement for WyldLynx that we're very proud to bring to our customers!

Visit the DocuSign page for more information, or discover how WyldLynx has integrated DocuSign directly into Content Manager here.


SmartTools have been developed in-house by WyldLynx to enhance Content Manager and the working lives of our customers.

Developed as plugins or standalone applications, each SmartTool has been designed with speed, quality and ease of use in mind.

Visit each SmartTool page for more information:
SmartMove      SmartLocations
SmartPDF        SmartDispose
SmartLink        SmartZIP
DocuSign for Content Manager

or visit the SmartTools overview page for a brief introduction to each of the SmartTools

Online Training Portal

Providing training at your users fingertips, whenever they need it, the WyldLynx Online Training Portal is the missing piece in making your users more productive.

With ever-expanding content, simple and cost-effective user-based costing, useful metrics and reduced support overheads, the Online Training Portal let your users find the answer they need, when they need it!

Visit the Online Training Portal page for more information.

Social Media Governance

Take control of your Social Media and not only make it work for your business, but ensure that it doesn't work against it.

One of the most powerful movements in modern society is often left unchecked in organisations large and small. Taking control of this powerful communication portal can not only bring huge benefits, but can also be dangerous to ignore.

Visit the Social Media Governance page for more information.

Custom Development

If you have an idea for an app or tool that will help your business process, the WyldLynx Development team can build you specifically what you need.

Visit the Custom Development page for more information.

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