Microsoft 365 to Content Manager Integration

Integrating Microsoft 365 - or more specifically, SharePoint (and OneDrive) - with a powerful eDRMS like Content Manager can reap numerous benefits to an organisation.

Connecting disparate systems within an organisation will always have initial teething problems, but the connectedness that integration provides will always prove beneficial after the brief setup period.



Content Manager

Having two large and powerful systems within your organisation that don't talk to each other is, at the very least, a wasted opportunity

The SharePoint to Content Manager integration allows users to manage multiple objects directly from within Content Manager.

With multiple integrations under our belt, here at WyldLynx we have created our 7 key steps to making this work.

While following these steps won't guarantee success, we do highly recommend them!

TIPS: How to start AND have a higher chance of success

7 Key Steps to Governance in Microsoft 365

  • Step 1 – Understand your current products (Microsoft & eDRMS)
  • Step 2 – Understand YOUR current information landscape (SharePoint, Teams, Processes and Document what you find)
  • Step 3 – Create a Governance Strategy
  • Step 4 – Implement a pilot in your test environment (test your requirements)
  • Step 5 – Conduct Training (IT, IM and Users)
  • Step 6 – Implement the pilot/integration into production
  • Step 7 – Implement Strategy and Continuously Improve


Let us show you!

The SharePoint to Content Manager integration allows users to manage multiple objects directly from within Content Manager.

To demonstrate, we have crafted a series of videos to help outline what you will need to manage a successful integration. All of these videos, and more, are also available on our YouTube channel.



Managing files in SharePoint with Content Manager


This video provides a walkthrough and demonstration on how to manage files from within Content Manager that are also accessible via SharePoint.



Managing a whole site in SharePoint with Content Manager


This video demonstrates how to manage a SharePoint sites assets from within the Content Manager interface.



Expose records in SharePoint


This video demonstrates the ability to expose records contained and managed by Content Manager so they can be accessed via SharePoint, while still maintaining full records management.



Searching in SharePoint


This video shows how to search both Content Manager and SharePoint documents together.

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