One thing is certain when working with a document management system like Content Manager from Micro Focus - you will deal with lots of documents!

Many of these documents will need approvals, from internal messages and proposals to agreements and contracts with external partners and customers.

DocuSign offers the worlds leading platform for electronic signatures, allowing internal and external stakeholders to easily and verifiably sign off on whatever document you need them to.

Getting the sign-off from a customer is one of the most important steps in any business. DocuSign offers that, and so much more...

Discover the elements of the DocuSign platform

There are a number of products available from DocuSign to assist your organisation with agreement workflows. Just some of these products include



By utilising just one of the DocuSign products, the most well known eSignature, the worlds #1 electronic signature solution, organisations can accelerate agreements, eliminate manual tasks, and easily connect with the tools and systems they’re already using.

Do business faster

Send and sign agreements securely from virtually any device. Up to 82% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 49% in less than 15 minutes.

Be more efficient

DocuSign eSignature eliminates manual tasks and increases convenience for your customers and employees.

Save money

DocuSign eSignature saves an average of $36 per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.


With the ability to directly integrate with more than 350 different business applications right out of the box, and a robust API to allow developers to quickly develop integrations with their own software that might not already be integrated, eSignature is ready to fit into your workflow.

Some of these well-known products include application from:


Authorising documents with DocuSign in Content Manager

Content Manager includes its own authorisation process, aptly named 'Simple'. While in some situations it is adequate, it does not provide the level of verified authority that DocuSign provides.

The good news about the integration with Content Manager is that DocuSign does not change the process from a users point of view when authorising a document - it simply requires the user to select 'DocuSign Service' instead of 'Simple'.

The DocuSign Service will guard against document tampering after Authorisation, by a secure method of hash generation, which will ensure that documents that are authorised will not be modified in any way without the fact that the document has been changed becoming apparent.

The process itself is relatively simple, and after initial setup for the user, quite easy to use. The full process has been outlined in our step-by-step video guide, shown here.

By adding DocuSign to your Content Manager Authorisation process, truly verifiable signatures can be added to your documents, making the work of your eDRMS much more robust and trackable.


Contact us today to learn more about how DocuSign can be implemented within Content Manager for you, and the benefits it can bring to your organisations workflows.




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