Online Training Portal

Training is essential for the success of a business, but it's not something that can be done just once and then forgotten.

Instead, ongoing learning and development is important to help employees stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and best practices.

By providing access to resources that allow them to quickly find answers and refresh their knowledge, companies can save time and improve efficiency.

Investing in training resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere is a smart way to support the ongoing learning and development of your employees.

Give users the ability to quickly and easily find the answer to the problem they're facing at that moment

Why Online? I prefer the personal touch...

The Online Training Portal is NOT designed to replace personal training!

Being able to ask a knowledgable, helpful human being for an explanation is often the greatest way to learn. However, that option is not always practical, or even available.

The Portal IS!

Available 24/7, from virtually any device with internet access, the Online Training Portal can deliver step-by-step processes, instructional videos and other helpful documentation directly to your users at the click of a button.

Easily searchable, tailored to your specific version and branded with your organisations logo and colours, the Online Training Portal can fit into your users day-to-day workflow whenever and wherever needed.



The benefits of the Portal extend far beyond your users! While offering detailed instructionals for administrators and power users, performance metrics and other benefits are also available.

SaaS / User-based costing

As a cloud-based service, organisations can pay for 1 user or 5000, adding and subtracting users as needed.

Ever-expanding Content

Full Client or Web Client videos, process documentation or tech notes - we're adding more all the time.


See what users are using the training, and how often, to help determine any needs for further training.

Reduce Support Overhead

If users are given the ability to self-help, traditional support will field less basic questions and improve users experience.

Targeted Training

Use metrics insights to offer targeted training that your users have shown that they really need.


Make the Online Portal look like your organisations software, with custom logos and colour styling.


Only offer your users the training items you choose, even down to specific versions of the software.


Content is updated by the WyldLynx training team, and new versions will be ready well before you’ve upgraded.

Every day is different

Some users do the same thing day in, day out, and can rightfully be expected to be fast and accurate at what they are doing.

However, a great many users - likely MOST users - perform multiple, very different tasks of varying frequency.

Content Manager by Micro Focus, one of the worlds leading eDRM systems, is, among other things, an example of a multi-user document management product that is powerful, important, and complicated.

For users that are just managing documents within Content Manager all day, reminders of how to do their tasks may be completely unnecessary. However, what about your users who only need to manage documents once or twice a week? Or a month?

Forgetting a few simple steps that you may have done countless times before is something we've all faced.

The Online Training Portal gives users the ability to quickly and easily refresh their memory on the task at hand, without needing to ask someone else or waste time racking their brain for that elusive memory.

This self-service content is invaluable to users who are peforming a task infrequently, who haven't had to do this particular function in a while, or even a user who is just having a bad day and can't remember that right now.



The ease of using the Online Training Portal when you need it the most


One of the many benefits of the Online Training Portal is that along with the documentation and step-by-step processes that are outlined in text form, is the instructional videos.

Video has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of instruction available, and all videos are prepared by WyldLynx and tailored to the task at hand.

Please view our video on the many benefits the Online Training Portal can bring to your organisation.

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