WyldLynx SmartLocations® is a Content Manager plugin that has been designed to allow users to quickly and easily fix the all too common problem of duplicate or unknown locations within Content Manager.

Using SmartLocations can allow an administrator to simply and efficiently find and fix:

  • Unknown Locations - convert them to a known external location
  • Duplicate Locations - use either matching names or email addresses
  • Recorded personal Email domains not assigned to matching organisations
  • Locations with no record associations

I had no idea my CM was in such a mess until I used SmartLocations. I'm so glad that it didn't just point out the issues, it saved me time and helped me fix them!

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Using SmartLocations®

Using SmartLocations is as simple as running the plugin and then choosing which cleanup process you wish to start.

Clicking a button will search the Content Manager dataset, and return a list of results that can be fixed directly from within the plugin interface.

Returned results can all be examined fully before fixing, and even ignored entirely. Managing the cleanup is now simple, and how much you do is all up to you!

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SmartTools® are proudly designed, developed and maintained internally by our WyldLynx development team.

Designed as add-ins or stand-alone products, each SmartTool is programmed to best-practice standards specifically to make your time in the main program better.

If you have an idea for a tool that will make your time in Content Manager, ControlPoint or Structured Data Manager better, let us know and you may get your problems solved for free!

Alternatively, if you require some programming or have an idea for a function that is not for a part of the MicroFocus suite, check out our Custom Development to see what else we can do for you.

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