The incredible growth of social media is matched only by the impact it has had on the business landscape.

Not only has social media become an important and far-reaching communication tool, for customers and internal staff alike, but it has introduced new channels for that communication that require monitoring and management.

With the serious potential consequences of mismanagement in the social media space, organisations must place appropriate importance on proper management and monitoring of both incoming and outgoing social media.

With the new Social Media Governance tool, management, monitoring, compliance and archiving have been combined to provide organisations with everything they need to venture safely into the social media landscape.

Make social media work FOR your business, not against it

Some of the statistics available relating to social media are staggering:

77% of workers use social media in the workplace 1

82% of companies use social media for investigations 2

1 - Pew Research Center, Social Media and the Workplace, 2016
2 - The Deloitte Advisory Pulse Survey on Social Media in Investigations, 2015


With the sheer volume of people engaged in social media, the potential reach of the market as unprecedented, and an enticing target considering the apparent low cost barrier to entry.

Navigating the space, however, is fraught with peril.

Skyrocketing volumes of information from a wide range of social media sources are making it more difficult to not only capture these communications, but to also gain insight and understand their context.

Adding to the challenge are escalating regulations requiring organizations to take the necessary action to collect and preserve their social media, along with their other mandated business information. Regulatory bodies are simultaneously ramping up enforcement and fines to ensure social media communications are properly managed. Though highly regulated companies may have the most complex situation in dealing with social media, this is a concern affecting almost every industry around the world.

Addressing the problem

For organisations to take control of the large volumes of social media data, both incoming and outgoing, it is imperative that they implement a comprehensive solution, one that can:

  • Keep up with the volume and variety of social media sources
  • Provide clear visibility and access to communications
  • Support compliance with regulatory mandates
  • Manage and enforce social media policies automatically
  • Protect the organisation from risk with actionable insights
  • Maintain full archival records of social media activity


That solution is now available for your organisation. Social Media Governance


Functions and Features

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