In the digital era, managing social media content efficiently and securely is paramount for organisations.

The collaboration between Brolly and OpenText Content Manager (TRIM) presents a world-first solution, transforming how social media records are managed.

This innovative integration streamlines social media records management. With the Brolly Content Manager solution, organisations can select social records from Brolly to be sent to Content Manager. This process not only avoids clutter but also ensures that all updates to the record are automatically synced, making recordkeeping compliance simpler and more effective.

Make social media work FOR your business, not against it

Features That Empower You

  • Selective Record Transfer: Choose which records from your Brolly feed go to Content Manager.
  • Complete History and Context: Every post, along with its full history, comments, and key metadata, is sent in PDF format, ensuring a comprehensive record.
  • Automatic Syncing: Future updates and comments on a Brolly post are automatically collected in Content Manager.

Seamless Integration and Increased E-Discovery

The integration reduces the need for manual data entry, significantly cutting down on administrative overhead. Additionally, it increases the accessibility and discovery of social media records by integrating them into Content Manager.

Secure Connection and Regular Updates

The secure one-way data transfer ensures data integrity. Brolly’s system regularly updates the Content Manager with new posts and comments, keeping your records current without any extra effort.

How It Works

Developed in collaboration with Wyldlynx, a leading OpenText Gold Partner, this integration is specifically designed for Brolly users with the OpenText Content Manager system. To use this integration, an active Brolly subscription and Content Manager version 9.x or 10.x are required. Your IT department will need to provide permissions and other technical input.

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