Just some of the WyldLynx team.  So hot!

WyldLynx was originally established to provide content services for small to large organisations, and has quickly gained a reputation for being an innovative and service driven organisation with great people.

Many small to large information management solutions have now been delivered by WyldLynx to a range of Queensland government organisations and councils, with many of the products coming from the MicroFocus® Secure Content Management suite.

WyldLynx will never rest on its laurels, however, and is always on the cutting edge with new technology and process innovations that can deliver better business solutions for our customers.

MF Gold Partner

MF Portfolio Expert Partner

Microsoft Certified Partner

Meet the core team

The main element that contributes to the success of WyldLynx is the awesome team we have assembled.
Stacking the team with members who combine skills, experience and qualifications with the right personalities has been a winning combination we are very proud of. Here you can meet just some of our amazing people, who can bring a positive effect to your organisation.

Errol LeBoydre, Managing Director

Errol LeBoydre


Peta LeBoydre, Director

Peta LeBoydre

Director / Administation Manager

Carl Duncan, General Manager

Carl Duncan

General Manager



Principal Information Specialist



Lead Developer



Process Development Officer



Information Security Specialist



IT Support Officer

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