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Tuesday, August 03, 2021 10:00 AM

CASE STUDY: City Parklands Services


City Parklands Services (CPS) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Brisbane City Council. It manages the operational services, events, and marketing activity for South Bank Parklands, Roma Street Parkland, and Victoria Park.

Micro Focus Content Manager takes City Parklands Services from risk to secure content management - High cost and security risk were not what City Parklands Services (CPS) had in mind when it originally set up a file sharing solution. Needing to securely and easily share crucial documents with outside stakeholders, CPS deployed Micro Focus Content Manager.

Now all managed content is discoverable from SharePoint and Content Manager, and access is confined to relevant content by stakeholder.

The integration provides a secure method of exposing Content Manager content onto the Intranet, while allowing external stakeholders relevant access.

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