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Tuesday, July 28, 2020 10:00 AM

Work smarter not harder with the WyldLynx Online Training Portal!


If you're reading this you've probably heard about how awesome the WyldLynx Training Portal is and wanting more information on this innovative, cost-effective service.

With custom skins, the WyldLynx Training Portal is uniquely yours - when logged in, everything in the Training Portal will look and feel like the content has been generated by your organisation, from the users perspective.  The Training Portal is so customisable, you can even have your own front page welcoming the team to YOUR Training Portal.  The users even have options on how they would like to sign in, either by logging in with a local account or with their Microsoft account.  Talk about options!

The Training Portal has so much content.  From 'Quick guides' to videos, users can choose how they prefer to absorb the training material and learn on their own terms. Due to the abundance of content there are many different filter options, making it quick and easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for. Filter by Versions, Modules, Types etc.

Not only does the Training Portal have amazing filter options, it also has a search function. Let's say you want to learn how to add a note to a record. Start typing exactly that in the search field and watch it do its thing and start populating results to view. Easy!

You're probably wondering what happens if the content you are looking for is not on the portal?  WyldLynx regularly maintains and updates this content for you, and if you feel something is missing, you can let us know and we will investigate creating and adding it, all as part of your subscription. Maybe you een have your own content you would like to add? Don't worry, that option is also there for you, so you can make the Training Portal a one stop shop. It's a sure win-win!

Not only does WyldLynx provide all of this high quality content to aid in training your organisation, regular Reports are also generated and provided, filled with useful usage metrics. Information like how many active users you have, how many times they viewed content, and even what type of training material they viewed. This gives your organisation the ability to understand what the users are clicking on and provide TARGETED TRAINING straight back to the users. As an example, imagine the majority of the content being viewed is 'search' related, This gives your organisation feedback on what topics would be a good investment to have more training on (think short, targeted training courses). Having this data is essential for your ROI - instead of doing regular unnecessary training, you can focus on the important topics with targeted training!

For a sample of how the Training Portal looks and operates, watch this demonstration video:

If you would like to arrange a live demonstration or learn more about WyldLynx Training or any of our other products or services, then be sure to visit our website, send us an email, or call us directly on '1300 WyldLynx' (1300 9953 5969) today!

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