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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 10:00 AM

Keeping in touch while working from home


The situation the world is finding itself in at the moment, in response to the spread of the COVID-19 Corona virus, has changed all of our lives for the near future, at the very least.

We are far from immune here in Australia, and the impact on everyone's lives continues to be felt, especially as restrictions and shutdowns escalate. The business landscape in particular has been immensely affected, with many organisations being forced to close their doors, as we come to realise how much we have been reliant on face to face communications.

Some businesses have been more prepared than others for this shift, and we at WyldLynx are proud to be in this position.

As one of the regions leading experts in remote business communications through the Microsoft Teams platform, WyldLynx is in a position to continue operating at full capacity as a remote-only operation.

Each member of our team has been partially operating out of their homes for years now, making the switch to full-time remote operations much easier to enact.

The experience we have gained in not only operating remotely with our team and our clients, but also with extending the platform has given the WyldLynx team tried and true experience in knowing what does and does not work for remote operations, and how to enact these for your business.

We have been providing our expertise in this area to many of our clients, and we are proud to be able to provide it to even more in this time where the need has become dire.

If your business is trying to come to terms with this new remote operations paradigm that is being forced upon you, let the WyldLynx team help you enact a truly functional process to allow both your business and your employees to continue your work during these trying times.

While we must stay apart physically, it is truly important that during this crisis, we come together to help each other.

The sense of community that going to work day to day provides many workers can be a devastating loss to those who are suddenly isolated.  Please, do not let your people feel left out in the cold.  Keep in touch regularly, and do your best to provide your people with a sense of purpose in these uncertain times.

Communication is key.  Don't let these current times remove communication from your team, make it work for you.

Stay safe, and stay in touch with each other.

Please contact the WyldLynx experts if you would like assistance with setting up remote communications for your team.

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