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Wednesday, December 04, 2019 10:00 AM

Content Manager Success Story - As Remote As Can Be!


As a growing Australian regional air service, with history dating back almost 100 years and a passenger service growth of more than 10-fold over the past few decades, Broome International Airport has been expanding and excelling in multiple areas in recent years, even winning 'Regional Airport of the Year' for their efforts.

After an unfortunately extended search for the right document management solution, covering many years and even some false starts, the Broome International Airport found their way to WyldLynx, who designed and delivered a Micro Focus Content Manager solution tailored to meet their specific needs.

Due to the remote nature of the business, being located in the far north of Western Australia (but accessible by air, of course!), WyldLynx was required to develop a slightly different approach to delivering the full solution, with a desire to deliver a full, quality design and implementation while still keeping costs down.

This meant keeping on-site visits to a minimum.  Contact with stakeholders and key staff on the ground is always a vital element to a successful rollout, however, and to this end WyldLynx was able to draw on our substantial experience with remote technologies to still achieve effective communications between teams and ensure success.

It is here that the WyldLynx experience and approach in using the best tools for the job, regardless of their source, came together to provide the perfect storm.

Using Microsoft Azure allowed an environment to be created extremely quickly, and independently of new hardware requirements on site.  This let key stakeholders experience the product for themselves, before production architecture and hardware requirements had even been decided, let alone sourced and implemented locally.

Making full use of Microsoft Teams, WyldLynx delivered multiple remote workshops and planning sessions with the teams in Broome, developing relationships and providing guidance, information gathering and planning, and bringing a collective understanding of the entire process, ensuring surprises were kept to an absolute minimum.

Training was also conducted before any on-site visits from the WyldLynx team, utilising the WyldLynx Online Training Portal.  The Portal allowed guided training to be taken at times that suited each of the relevant, key staff throughout the airport, giving them a feeling for the product and valuable lessons on the best way to approach their tasks, while also creating the opportunity for them to hit the ground running after the rapidly approaching rollout.

When time came to turn the key and go live with the new system, WyldLynx had a team on-site for a number of days, working closely with the business for the production rollout, and focussed on providing all users enough training to start migrating their files and working effectively within the new Content Manager system.

Considering the poor experiences the team at BIA had been through in the past, the success of this new system rollout was vital, and the overwhelmingly positive result a victory for all concerned.

If you would like to discuss your own organisations document management system requirements, whether you are in an extremely remote location or right next door, contact us today!  We know we can help.

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