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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 10:00 AM

Content Manager 9.4 Web Client - New Features


The new 9.4 version of Content Manager from Micro Focus has also brought many features and enhancements to the web client, bringing even greater functionality and ease of use to this highly accessible web interface.

Just some of the helpful new features and enhancements now available in the 9.4 release of the web client include:

  • New menu and layout design, giving more workspace for users and easier access to submenus
  • When creating new records requiring manual numbering, users are now offered prompts for number formats, based on the specifications set in the Content Manager client
  • Document review lifecycle is now supported, from process beginning to user reviews
  • The Preview Panel now display renditions where available, with direct access
  • Search Term Highlighting is now available in search result details, easily displaying search terms within returned results
  • Office documents (Word, Excel) can now be opened for viewing or editing within Office 365 Online applications, as well as the Preview Panel
  • The default Content Manager icon can now be changed to any logo you choose, allowing organisations to brand the web client with their own logo
  • Multiple files can now be checked in via 'drag and drop' directly on the web client interface
  • Multiple record documents can now be selected and downloaded in one automatically-generated zip file

To see all of these new features in action, we have prepared a short video for you here:

To gain an even better understanding of how Content Manager can assist your organisation, or how these new features in the web client can make your existing Content Manager experience even better, contact us today for a demonstration.

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