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Friday, September 13, 2019 10:00 AM

Content Manager 9.4 Released


Always moving forward, Micro Focus has just released Content Manager 9.4, the latest version of the world leading eDRMS.

A governance-based enterprise content management system, Content Manager has been helping organisations around the world to manage their entire information workflow securely, and with full regulatory compliance.

Now, with version 9.4, Content Manager has taken another leap ahead for your business, continuing on from the great work Micro Focus introduced with 9.3, and taking efficiency and usability to the next level.

Just some of the more than 150 enhancements and new features introduced in 9.4 include:

  • New Dashboard - The brand new dashboard gives users a quick overview of their current and upcoming work items, with details on overdue items and drill-down access to the items in question.
  • New Explorer - Detailing grouped records within a new hierarchical view, the Explorer window offers a great new interface option for streamlining user actions.
  • New Custom User Types - Building upon standard User Types, the new Custom User Types offer greater flexibility to organisations to apply custom user permissions and associations.
  • Recycle Bin - Offering another safeguard level for user record disposal, the Recycle Bin gives users and administrators a clear view of record disposals and reasons, with administrator access to restore or fully delete records subsequent to user actions.
  • Metadata Capture - Brings the ability to users to determine how metadata is extracted from electronic documents upon check in, regardless of document source or check in method.
  • Event-based Archiving - Introducing a new method for triggering disposals and archiving, Event-based Archiving brings the ability to react manually or automatically to actual real-world events, via retention schedules, allowing records to quickly and more accurately reflect reality.
  • Email Notifications - A new feature now allows email notifications to be sent prior to an action being started as a reminder.
  • Search - A new String Search method is now available, offering another solution to finding the records you need.
  • Location Address History - Automatically maintain a record of address changes, for email, street, PO Box etc, within a location.
  • Workflow and Action Tracking - Enhancements to WorkFlow and Action Tracking have increased options and abilities to handle outlier cases and manage multiple items as one.
  • New Additional Fields - Along with new field options, new editing features, restriction options and extra validation abilities have been added.

We have prepared a short video outlining just some of the new enhancements and features in 9.4, so check out the new features in action here!

With more exciting features and enhancements than can be listed here, 9.4 has meant a great product has become even better and easier to use for users and administrators alike.

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