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Friday, September 06, 2019 10:00 AM

Take full control of your Social Media


Social Media has had an impact on the business landscape like few innovations before it.

With almost every organisation having a social media presence across multiple channels, management tools to syncronise content have been around for a while.  But pushing the same content over multiple channels barely scratches the surface of what an organisation truly needs in the social media space.

Enter Social Media Governance.

Bringing true management to the social media space, Social Media Governance allows the posting of content to multiple channels, but also so much more.

Monitoring of all channels, flagging potential issues in both outgoing and incoming messages and raising alerts, as well as enforcing policies and maintaining compliance with backups and archiving, Social Media Governance takes management tools to the next level.

If your organisation has just entrusted your social media posting to one or two trusted employees, let us show you what potential and very real problems you could be opening your business up to without an automated management tool such as Social Media Governance.

Covering both public posts and drect messaging functions, Social Media Governance can monitor and protect against multiple potential issues, including:

  • Suspicious content - automatically quarantine posts flagged with sensitive documents and links, and notify teams in real time to take immediate action
  • Malicious content - detect and flag malicious content in direct messages, quarantine links or attachments, stop phishing attacks, and notify teams of message violations
  • Account impersonations and takeovers - take action against VIP impersonations on social media and digital channels, and revert accounts to their previous state before an account takeover can damage your brand
  • Company data - search and scan the deep/dark web, including paste bins, e-commerce sites, and discussion forums to locate sensitive or stolen data, and notify security teams in real time where found
  • Account security - centrally manage security across all linked social accounts
  • Communications - protect messages across all your social media and digital channels, and remediate account compromises before data is stolen

Some of the methods built into the Social Media Governance product to combat these issues, and to increase management effectiveness are:

  • Policies - customize or use out-of-the box policies to protect all of your digital assets, and get notified of risk events and policy violations in real time, with machine learning to help identify and prioritise
  • Compliance - ensure full compliance across postings with automated compliance policy violation notifications
  • Audit trails - capture records automatically for every interaction with complete audit trails, set and apply retention rules to ensure accurate and regulatory compliant lifecycle governance
  • Archiving - archive all content and metadata to preserve the complete digital record, including legal holds, and search archive or export for e-Discovery

You will be amazed at the potential consequences of ignoring the darker aspects of the social media space, and just as amazed at the benefits that Social Media Governance can bring to your organisation.

To see what Social Media Governance can do for your organisation, visit the product page, or to find out what else WyldLynx can do to help your business, please contact us today via our website contact page or email  us at contact@wyldlynx.com.au.

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