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Friday, July 12, 2019 10:00 AM

SmartTools Spotlight: SmartPDF


Welcome to SmartPDF - enabling you to turn your Content Manager documents into PDF's, simply and easily.

Content Manager from Micro Focus is one of the world's leading eDRM Systems, allowing users to store all manner of documents, in a multitude of formats.

While many organisations use Word documents extensively, this is not the recommended format for many types of email.  If the documents stored in Content Manager are in Word, or virtually any other format, how can they be sent out as a PDF?  Content Manager does not provide this functionality natively.  SmartPDF makes it easy!

Selecting one, or more records to be turned into a PDF is simple and easy, and SmartPDF even provides more options than you might expect - including the ability to combine multiple documents into one, single, fully compliant pdf!

WyldLynx is able to provide users this ability using SmartPDF, a custom-built member of the SmartTools suite of Content Manager plugins, developed specifically to provide simple and effective tools to help users get the most out of Content Manager.

View this short demonstration on just how easy it is to use SmartPDF, from directly within Content Manager, to convert single or multiple documents into PDF, and even attach directly to an email!

If you would like to learn more about SmartPDF or the other products in the SmartTools suite, visit our SmartTools page via this link , or contact us today.  We can arrange a demonstration of SmartPDF, or the entire SmartTools suite, and show you just how much easier your time in Content Manager can be.

Like to know more about how WyldLynx can help your organisation? Contact us today!