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Monday, July 08, 2019 10:00 AM

SmartTools Spotlight: SmartDispose


Welcome to SmartDispose - the easiest, safest and trackable way to clean up your Content Manager records.

Content Manager from Micro Focus is one of the world's leading eDRM Systems, allowing users to store all manner of records and documents, providing that business essential - 'one source of truth'.

But storing all of your organisations documents in the one place can mean that the system may get messy and overloaded with non-essential or out of date documents, over time.

With SmartDispose, users can dispose of documents with one simple click, or via custom defined rules surrounding the selection and disposal of selected records.

This is not simple deletion, however.

Along with fully trackable actions, showing who disposed of which record and when, there is also a management validation step, that allows disposed records to be viewed before the disposal is finalised, by a nominated user or administrator, and reversed if required.

SmartDispose allows specific, configurable detail options to be established for disposal selection, with multiple options configurable for each reason. Quality assurance is present along the entire chain for disposal tracking.

View this short demonstration showing just how easy it is to use SmartDispose, from directly within Content Manager, to dispose of records, one at a time or in bulk, and to validate those disposals after the fact.

If you would like to learn more about SmartDispose or the other products in the SmartTools suite, visit our SmartTools page via this link , or contact us today..  We can arrange a demonstration of SmartDispose, orthe entire SmartTools suite, and show you just how much easier your time in Content Manager can be.

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