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Wednesday, July 03, 2019 10:00 AM

Secure Content Management Suite


Information is the lifeblood of any organisation.

Managing that information, in all of its forms, while also juggling access issues, security concerns, compliance requirements and the myriad of other responsibilities and business needs, often presents itself to an organisations as a problem that seems too large and complex to tackle in a cost effective and efficient manner.

As a result of the sheer size of these problems, unfortunately, many organisations tend to either apply multiple 'band-aid' measures in limited areas, or even ignore it completely.

The Answer

With all of these problems in mind, Micro Focus has developed the Secure Content Management solution.

A suite of products, consisting of ControlPoint, Structured Data Manager and Content Manager, all three have been developed to work together seamlessly to provide organisations an effective, real-world solution to these growing problems facing all organisations in the modern business landscape.

In recent articles we have discussed the many benefits an organisation can receive through the power of ControlPoint.  Managing multiples sources of unstructured data, including elements such as Word documents, pdfs, spreadsheets, emails and all other text-based documents, and applying analysis, rules and consolidation can help to bring order to chaos.

ControlPoint can even do many of these tasks automatically, especially for sensitive data, that often should not be stored the way it is.

This same suite of benefits can also be brought to bear in ControlPoints sister product, Structured Data Manager.

Managing your Structured Data

Information, or data, can generally be considered to come in two forms - unstructured, such as emails or files on a portable drive, and structured.  Structured data most often comes in the form of a database.  It is this data, locked away in one or more databases, that Structured Data Manager can simultaneously secure to modern standards and open up to a whole raft of new and innovative accessibility.

Many organisations are plagued with the problem of 'legacy' databases.  These can be databases that are no longer in use, but they contain data that needs to be accessible due to legislated retention requirements, or databases that are needed for a small handful of sporadic searches done infrequently, or even databases in a format that doesn't fit the current in-house skill set.

Along with ever growing backup and storage costs, these databases will also, more often than not, come with proprietary licencing fees, costing large amounts annually for no discernible benefit to the business.

With Structured Data Manager, legacy databases can be taken from their proprietary, non-secure physical locations, and transported into their new home within Structured Data Manager, affording new access modes, analysis capabilities and options previously unavailable.  This offers the benefits of full compliance with retention requirements, and removing the cost of continuous licencing fees to the previous vendor, but it also brings so much more.

With the increased analytics capabilities provided by Structured Data Manager, your data can provide insights and offer compliance features that would be costly, difficult or even impossible in their original, legacy database format.  Just one example is the ability to search, tag and encrypt custom defined data, such as stored credit card details, and perform other functions pre- or post-operation, all automatically, following rules set by the business, and with a full audit trail.

With ControlPoint taking full control of your organisations unstructured files and data, and Structured Data Manager bringing all of your organisations disparate databases under the one roof, you may ask what else could we need?

Tying all of your information together

The final piece of the puzzle comes with the last entry in the Secure Content Management suite - Content Manager.

As one of the worlds leading eDRMS platforms, with a long history of providing content management to organisations around the world, Content Manager is an integral part of the Secure Content Management suite.

While each piece of data can be viewed, accessed and consumed directly from their places within ControlPoint and Structured Data Manager, each of these elements can also be linked or placed into Content Manager as a unique record, bringing the full range of compliance, security and management tools and methods that Content Manager is known for.

As well as all of the structured and unstructured data that Content Manager now has access to, the inclusion of SharePoint Integration and the ability to manage Office 365 content is an important capability in the modern, cloud-centric business landscape.  This functionality allows organisations to operate their own governance platform via a suite of products built for the connected future.

Adding the WyldLynx SmartTools range of Content Manager plugins brings even more functionality to the platform, with tools like SmartLink adding the ability to securely share links to records stored within Content Manager, even to outside parties, while following all rules and policies governing their access.  Now that these records can include ALL of your content, with the addition of Structured Data Manager and ControlPoint data, everything you have becomes available to meet your needs.

With retention policies, access restrictions, record management disposal rules and a host of best practice, legislative-compliant functionality for dealing with records on an organisational level, Content Manager provides the ultimate consumption and management platform for the wealth of data that can exist within ControlPoint, Structured Data Manager and Content Manager itself.

This then truly becomes you organisations 'one source of truth'.

Bringing it all to the world

While many may know of the traditional, thick-client, Content Manager desktop application, it is the API and web interface that really opens up the Secure Content Management suite to an organisation.

While maintaing full security compliance, the Content Manager web interface and other tools and portals built using the API, including custom builds by the WyldLynx development team, the secure access afforded to your content becomes greater than ever before.

Aligning with modern security initiatives, including single sign-on and two-factor authentication, the Secure Content Management solution provides modern accessibilty, reporting, consolidation, compliance and real management abilities to your entire organisations content.

Each of the products within the Secure Content Management suite provides any organisation with multiple, tangible benefits on it's own.  Together, these products work as one to centralise your organisations content, and allow it to truly work for you.

If you would like to hear more, or discuss just how the Secure Content Management suite can assist your organisation, contact WyldLynx today!

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