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Friday, June 28, 2019 10:00 AM

CASE STUDY: Lactalis Australia Cyber Security Presentations


Sharing the message of the importance of information security awareness, how best to achieve it and what to do when it all goes wrong, WyldLynx Information Security Specialist Michael LeBoydre has been spreading the word recently with a number of organisations in the region.

In his former role as a detective with the Queensland Police Service, Michael spent years investigating criminal offences and supporting Queensland individuals, businesses, and government agencies adversely affected by information-based offences.

Whilst he was involved in successful investigations working with local, federal and international law enforcement groups, his lasting impression from his time in the Cyber Crime Unit was the toll these offences have on their victims, with the emotional effect often being profound and life changing.

Michael has since devoted his time in the private sector to raising awareness of the ease with which these crimes can happen to unsuspecting people and organisations.  Providing real world examples in the shape of investigations he has personally run, and offering participants practical advice on how to protect themselves, both at home and in the office, his seminars are always eye opening, and often even chilling to hear.

Awareness Training Seminars

The latest group of seminars included the Oceania arm of the Lactalis Group, formerly known as Parmalat Australia.  Having themselves been the target of multiple cyber-attacks in recent years, Lactalis saw the need for a new, positive approach.

Travelling across the country to multiple branches of the company, at the request of the IT group, Michael delivered a no-nonsense look at the world of cybercrime, what can be done to minimise risk, and just how easy it can be to have personal details stolen and used against individuals and organisations alike.

Highlighting the devastation these attacks can cause on individuals, families and companies, from seemingly simple beginnings, we are proud to say that the executive and staff at Lactalis were extremely receptive to the message, and positive in their recognition of the changes that can, and needed to be made to current practices.

As a big proponent of 'Personal before Professional', Michael believes that positive changes made at home will naturally propagate to the workplace, and that organisations need to start tackling information security at the personal level.

As Michael has said, "Lactalis is leading the way with their positive reaction to the issues, and meeting it head on.  Their approach to positive change within their organisation, and for each individual staff member, is a credit to them.  They could see clearly that the blame game was not going to help anyone, education was the key.  I hope other organisations around the country can follow suit".


We are proud to share the following feedback from the attendees across Lactalis.

"On Tuesday this week I attended the in-house Cyber Security Awareness Training organised by our IT group.  It was a 1.5 hour training/briefing session which I found very valuable both professionally but also personally.

Wendie and the IT team are planning more of these and hopefully available in our major offices, if you get a chance to go to one of these briefings, can I please encourage you to attend.  We all need to take our IT security to another level.

Well done to Jeff Horn and the IT team for organising this."
- Rod Walden, CEO Lactalis Australia

"Excellent session at Scoresby this morning. I spent my lunch break telling my husband all about it and we are underway with making changes to our security. Please thanks Michael for his time - 2 hours well spent."

"Just completed the above. Feedback is awesome, a must see if you consider your online footprint handles a majority of your asset wealth."

"I attended yesterday afternoon's session and I just wanted to thank you as I thought it was a really great informative session and well worth going to, albeit slightly scary that identity theft is seemingly pretty easy."

"Just wanted to say Thanks for arranging the Cyber Security sessions.  It was really interesting, and I learnt a lot."

If you would like to arrange your own Cyber Security training sessions, or would just like to discuss your situation and how WyldLynx can help, contact us today!

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