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Friday, June 21, 2019 10:00 AM

SmartTools Spotlight: SmartLink


Welcome to SmartLink - the bridge you've been looking for between document security and file sharing.

Content Manager from Micro Focus is one of the world's leading eDRM Systems, allowing users to store all manner of documents, while maintaining fully legislative-compliant security restrictions.

But having your documents safely locked away in the safe doesn't always help with running your business.  Documents often need to be shared, collaborated on, and sent to third parties, and security restrictions can put a burden on the day-to-day business of sharing managed files.

With SmartLink, your documents remain within Content Manager's control, taking full advantage of the world class security safeguards and protocols, while still allowing internal and external sharing, through emails, on web pages, and within documents.

All with a simple link you can send out to your colleagues or clients.

WyldLynx is able to provide this ability using SmartLink, a custom-built member of the SmartTools suite of Content Manager plugins, developed specifically to provide simple and effective tools to help users get the most out of Content Manager.

View this short demonstration showing just how easy it is to use SmartLink, from directly within Content Manager, to send secure links to your documents safely.

If you would like to learn more about SmartLink, or the other products in the SmartTools suite, visit our SmartTools page via this link , or contact us today.

We can arrange a demonstration of the entire SmartTools suite for you, and show you just how much easier your time in Content Manager can be.

Like to know more about how WyldLynx can help your organisation? Contact us today!