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Wednesday, June 19, 2019 10:00 AM

Moving to the Cloud


If you've been planning your journey to switch to the cloud, why take everything including the kitchen sink?

Did you know that you can clean up the documents you have before you take them all to the cloud, simply, easily and efficiently?

ControlPoint gives you the ability to safely clean out everything you don't need by:

  • Reducing duplication;
  • Finding the high risk and high value content and managing it appropriately;
  • Getting rid of the trivial files - birthday invites, staff personal photos, etc.; and
  • Reducing the volume of information via user defined rules

In addition to cleaning up your data, ControlPoint can also be used as a governance tool across your Office 365 environment, to help you understand exactly what your organisation is storing, and where.

Many organisations have experienced the Microsoft "SharePoint sprawl", or simply find that as times change, so do policies and storage requirements. In a perfect world, users will always know "what" to put "where", and do it correctly each time, however users will be users, and in the real world, most will simply do whatever works for them at the time.

Content Management systems were originally designed to create one source of truth, centralising content for efficient and secure use across an organisation.

It may surprise you to know, then, that studies have shown that 53% of organisations are forced to use AT LEAST FOUR separate content management systems to manage their data! Does this sound centralised or efficient to you?

With ControlPoint, you can analyse your information situation, view the findings in summary, and even drill down to details to truly understand your situation, and then take action - all from within ControlPoint!

By monitoring and analysing what is really happening with your content, you can let users work in the spaces that suit them, while still maintaining governance across multiple repositories of unstructured data. Does that sound simpler than trying to force all users to follow strict rules and guidelines - when that approach hasn't ever worked in the past?

ControlPoint can give you the power to make that happen.

Analysing in ControlPoint is easy.  There are many different ways you can run an analysis of your content, and just some of the available methods are demonstrated here for you.  Check out just how easy it can be.

As a futher example, this demonstration will show you how to analyse a SharePoint repository, and quickly understand the content that is being stored, as well as to identify duplicate data.  This is where you start to take back control!

Did you like what you see? ControlPoint can give you this power over your information, and more.  Future blogs will demonstrate how to auto-classify content, based on metadata, text or document content, all with ControlPoint, so click back to this blog for more information coming soon.

Keep checking the Wyldlynx blog to find out more about ControlPoint, visit the ControlPoint page here on our website, or contact us today to arrange a demonstration.  We're confident that you will like what you see.

For further information on some of the challenges organisations face today, and just how ControlPoint can help, visit Discover ControlPoint, and sign up for a free assessment today!

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