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Friday, June 14, 2019 10:00 AM

Automate eDiscovery Information searches with ControlPoint


Organisations spend large amounts of money on information searches and eDiscovery. Why not automate this, and let the business get on with their core functions?

If your organisation conducts information searches for different topics, including Legal, Right to Information (RTI), Official Information Request (OIR), Freedom of Information (FOI) or Government Information Public Access (GIPA), then ControlPoint can save you time and money.

Studies have shown that the cost for an organisation search can be as much as $2,400 per search. This doesn't include the productivity loss by the business, incurred while staff are taken off their regular tasks and are instead looking for information.

When comparing stats on eDiscovery and costs via traditional means against using ControlPoint, the WyldLynx team sees this figure often reduced by more than 75% per search. The time savings alone can allow the business to get on with their core function.

ControlPoint gives the Legal and Information Searches teams the power to search for information, without intruding on the needs and regular processes of the rest of the organisation.

ControlPoint also searches metadata and content, providing more robust and accurate results than traditional approaches, which all too often rely on the memory of staff members to "know" where information is stored. As an example, a client recently told us "I just found 5000 files from the last legal search we didn't find manually".

Imagine a process that is faster, costs less, and returns more accurate results than what you are doing right now.  That's ControlPoint!

Search More, Search Deeper and Search Faster using ControlPoint.

In a future blog post we will be discussing how you can move to the cloud, SharePoint 365 and Governance in 365.

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