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Tuesday, February 05, 2019 10:00 AM

CASE STUDY: Another successful upgrade


For their recent transition project, Central Queensland University (CQU) needed to take their existing Content Manager installation from version 7.3 to 9.2.  After assessing many proposals from multiple vendors for this large and business-critical task, CQU ultimately put their faith in WyldLynx.

The WyldLynx team have always taken great pride in our combined technical and personal approach.  With our strong outcome delivery record across many varying clients, and our reputation as being easy to do business with, CQU was confident of the value and benefit they would receive by selecting WyldLynx as their implementation and support partner.

This confidence, we are proud to say was well placed, as with the project successfully completed, they couldn't be happier with their choice.

With Content Manager version 7.3 no longer being supported by the product vendor, as well as the limited integration between the University's main versions of Microsoft Office and the product no longer meeting the staff and student's current or projected future needs, CQU had decided that now was the time to make the move.

CQU were mindful of ensuring that the transition would be delivered cost-effectively, while maintaining strong engagement across all impacted business areas, and would flexibly cater for ongoing training and support of their diverse workforce across multiple campuses, setting these as some of the key requirements for the project.

    To complete the transition project successfully, WyldLynx was also tasked with

  • performing the technical upgrade;
  • developing upgraded integration programs to automate several business processes;
  • a database migration and upgrade;
  • delivering in-person and online training for records management administrators and users, covering the newly updated Content Manager 9.2 features;
  • providing an extensive online training portal and knowledge base for users; and
  • delivering specialised technical support during the entire process

During the transition project, all while working closely with the CQU team, WyldLynx recommended and guided the finalisation of the system design along with a highly cost-effective virtualised system solution architecture, often even delivering a large portion of this work remotely and engaging with University Records and Technical teams as needed via video conference and teleconference.

WyldLynx also provided CQU with a robust, stable testing environment prior to the production system upgrade, allowing the CQU team members to test the updated system themselves prior to "go live", helping to streamline the overall transition project and build confidence in the final product.

The following feedback comes directly from the CQU Deputy Director, Jeffrey Santamaria, upon completion of the upgrade project:

"We recently selected WyldLynx to upgrade our existing records management system.  From our initial exploratory meeting with Carl and the team, we were very impressed with the high level of product knowledge, expertise and professionalism they displayed.

"WyldLynx proved to be excellent communicators with Management, Records and Technical teams.  They quickly understood our requirements and were extremely solutions focused and prepared to be flexible in how they worked with us, as their client.

"WyldLynx were able to provide examples of how they had successfully worked with other organisations on similar projects, and collaboratively proposed a range of options to deliver the outcomes we needed, within our limited budget and technical resource constraints.

"WyldLynx engaged with us in a highly professional way at all stages, consistently meeting commitments made, and were highly customer focused in their engagement.  This, on top of the quality of their delivery reassured us that we had chosen the right vendor.

"Carl, Errol and their team were great to work with.  We would definitely use WyldLynx again and would be happy to recommend them to other organisations based on our all-round great experience with our transition project."

Jeffrey Santamaria, Deputy Director, Enterprise Systems, Central Queensland University

Thank you, Jeff!

Anyone who has ever been through an upgrade transition process knows how tough it can be, but, working together with the great team at the CQU allowed WyldLynx to create a smooth and effective transition we are both proud of.

Should you wish to perform your own Content Manager upgrade and would like to take advantage of the experience and expertise WyldLynx has demonstrated, or just want to see how WyldLynx can help your organisation, please view the rest of our website at wyldlynx.com.au, contact us today via our website contact page, or contact us directly today on contact@wyldlynx.com.au.  We'd love to hear from you!

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