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Monday, December 03, 2018 10:00 AM

SmartLocations is here!


Continuing our history of creating tools to solve our customers needs, WyldLynx is proud to announce the release of our new Content Manager plugin.

We have developed this tool for customers who find themselves facing the difficult task of managing the growing number of locations in a large Content Manager dataset.  The sheer number of locations, which are constantly growing over time, means that, inevitably, some will slip through the cracks, leading to a less than ideal working environment that impacts accuracy and efficiency.

With SmartLocations, the job of managing locations suddenly becomes quick, easy and efficient.

Not only does SmartLocations search through the entire dataset and find any unknown or duplicate locations, it will offer the ability to quickly and easily fix them - immediately!

Any locations with emails that match an organisation that aren't connected can also be found and fixed, as well as 'orphan' locations that are missing valid associations.

SmartLocations represents the latest solution that WyldLynx is bringing to our customers, to make their time in Content Manager as effective and beneficial as it can be, helping to take Content Manager to even greater heights.

To check out our other great plugins for Content Manager, head over to our SmartTools page and see what we've already brought to the table and how they can help you.  Our great development team can also create a custom solution for you, so see what we can do for you on our Custom Development page.

If you would like to talk to the WyldLynx team about our plugins, arrange a demonstration, or even if you have an idea for a new plugin that might fix a problem you've been facing, contact us today via our website contact page or email  us at contact@wyldlynx.com.au.

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