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Friday, March 30, 2018 10:00 AM

Another ControlPoint project successfully brings instant results


WyldLynx was recently tasked with implementing ControlPointinto a clients international organisation, with the goal of providing greater insights into their document storage and usage, with the end goal being efficiency and cost reduction.

While actual details remain confidential, we are happy to report the tremendous success this project has brought to the organisation already, and their immediate and ongoing ROI.  

After the implementation had been completed, bringing together all storage formats and areas within the organisation, ControlPoint was able to analyse the situation and provide insights into what the situation actually was.  

Using the ControlPoint interface, the client was then able to see that they are currently sitting at over 70% redundancy with their document storage, which for an organisation of this size represents a significant dollar value being wasted.

Not only does ControlPoint allow the organisation to see this situation, it also provides the solution!  

Consolidating multiple copies of documents, deleting flagged files and planning storage needs are all part of the power of ControlPoint.  This grants the organisation the power to maintain their storage effectively and efficiently into the future, while also granting a significant ROI.

As another example of the proven WyldLynx methodology for success, providing quick results and reduced project costs across the board, this implementation is another example of the effectiveness that the combination of WyldLynx and ControlPoint can bring to any organisation, of any size.

If you would like to hear more about how ControlPoint can help your organisation, contact us today!

Like to know more about how WyldLynx can help your organisation? Contact us today!