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Tuesday, March 27, 2018 10:00 AM

WyldLynx raises eyebrows at Security Conference


The recent participation by WyldLynx in the BrisSec18 Security Conference, hosted by the Australian Information Security Association, was a great chance to mix with many business groups and security professionals from multiple industries within the business community, and introduce them to the practical and somewhat unique approach to the issues that WyldLynx has been taking.

Our resident Information Security Specialist, Michael LeBoydre, delivered a well-received and eye-opening presentation on Information Security in our modern age, highlighting some of the pitfalls, problems and even misconceptions surrounding data security in our day-to-day businesses.  

Citing actual cases and lessons learned from his former role as a Detective with the Cyber Crime Unit in the Queensland Police Service, and how they applied directly to information security in businesses across multiple industries, Michael raised many eyebrows and a number of questions from other business leaders and security specialists in the room with his real world approach and findings.

The use of compliant software products such as ControlPoint by Micro Focus were also demonstrated as viable solutions to some of these problems, giving organisations greater insight into what is actually happening with their own data.

Discussions were continued on the WyldLynx stand as to how these areas of concern can be addressed and certain problems avoided, with great interest being displayed by a number of business leaders.  

With the issue of data security being raised more often in even the regular news media, including recent data breaches by even large corporations like Facebook and Equifax, as well as recent business rules imposed by the EU surrounding data security, real world solutions are required by the majority of businesses, as they realise that they have to come to grips with the problems they may have ignored or simply been unaware of until now.

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