HP Enterprise (incorporated in 1957) has merged with long-time technology giant Micro Focus (incorporated in 1976) to bring Micro Focus to the forefront of global technology leaders.

The Secure Content Management Suite, championed for so many years by HPE, is still the leading Content Management governance suite of products worldwide, and will continue to be supported, developed and maintained by Micro Focus.

Whether you require compliant and secure document management, legacy systems information managed and moved to the cloud, or robust yet simple data analytics to better understand your own business, WyldLynx is your premium partner to best implement Micro Focus solutions into your organisation.

Micro Focus Gold Partner

As Micro Focus Gold Partners in Information Management and Governance, and certified Secure Content Management Portfolio Experts, WyldLynx are certified specialists in a number of Micro Focus® products.

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Micro Focus Secure Content Management Portfolio Expert

Voltage Fusion

Get to know your data to make better decisions for your business

Structured Data

Manage your data and streamline your existing systems

Content Manager

Document management done right -the compliant and powerful way

Secure Content Management Suite
At a Glance

Micro Focus®


Take the pain out of information governance by leveraging ControlPoint's visual interface and robust analytics. Clean up legacy data and automate records declaration to clear your pathway to the Cloud.

Micro Focus®

Structured Data Manager

Relocate or delete your inactive data from expensive systems and simplify legacy application archiving.

Micro Focus®

Content Manager

A governance-based enterprise content management (ECM) system for government agencies, regulated industries, and global organisations who want to do more than just capture content.

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