Revolutionise Data Management with OpenText Voltage Fusion

WyldLynx, in partnership with OpenText, empowers organisations with Voltage Fusion. Save valuable time with Voltage Fusion's intelligent file discovery and classification features. Eliminate manual file sorting and organise your files instantly. Gain deep insights into your file environment; identify redundant, outdated, and trivial files, allowing you to optimize storage resources and enhance security.

Mitigate risks effortlessly with our automated risk identification. Identify sensitive or non-compliant files and take action to ensure your organisation adheres to regulatory requirements. Streamline your data cleanup process with just a few clicks.


Elevate Your Data Strategy

Remove unnecessary files, reclaim storage space, and improve system performance. Simplify policy enforcement across your organisation. Establish automated file management practices, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance. OpenText Voltage Fusion: unlocking the power of efficient data security and file management. Save time, reduce costs, and drive productivity.

Discover how WyldLynx and Voltage Fusion can empower your organisation to effectively discover, protect, and comply with data privacy regulations. Visit for more insights into securing your most valuable asset – your data.

IT News - WyldLynx protecting clients from the dangers of hidden data



Fusion case study - Queensland Museum


See the transformation at Queensland Museum with WyldLynx and OpenText Voltage Fusion. Managing over 15 million files, they identified 38% as obsolete and 11% duplicated, saving $35,000 annually in storage costs.

This partnership not only streamlined data management but also uncovered lost historical treasures, showcasing the power of effective data handling."

Queensland Museum case study

Transform Data into Strategy: Experience the 'Proof of Value' Difference with Voltage Fusion

Embark on your data privacy and discovery journey with WyldLynx's innovative Proof of Value model, powered by Voltage Fusion. This unique approach enables organisations to swiftly uncover the extent of hidden data and its sensitivity.

Our method goes beyond mere data identification; it delivers a strategic report that serves as a roadmap for your data strategies, offering a transparent view of what lies within various repositories.

'Proof of Value' is not just a process; it's a revelation, providing organisations with actionable insights to guide their data management decisions. It's the simplest yet most effective way to begin understanding and harnessing the true potential of your data assets.

Contact us today to find out more about our Voltage Fusion 'Proof of Value' project.


Fusion case study - Achieving PCI Level 1 complaince


To assist with PCI compliance, the case study of a State-Based Australian Government Entity provides valuable insights. This entity, handling a high volume of credit card transactions, faced the challenge of transitioning from PCI Level 2 to Level 1 compliance. This shift necessitated a more rigorous approach, including external audits and quarterly network scans, as opposed to the self-assessment reports required for Level 2.

To meet these stringent standards, the entity employed Voltage Fusion, a solution designed for discovering sensitive data across various repositories. This tool provided comprehensive visibility over their extensive data estates, spread across numerous data silos. By implementing Voltage Fusion, the entity could accurately identify and manage sensitive data, including credit card information.

NSW state department case study

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