WyldLynx first in Asia Pacific to be accepted as a CyberRes Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Wyldlynx is excited to announce that we have become the first partner in the Asia Pacific region in the new CyberRes Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program.We have demonstrated our suitability for this program with extensive experience in helping clients find, analyse, secure, manage and derive value from all data repositories

The Micro Focus CyberRes portfolio of products adds to our existing industry expertise in Content Manager to provide the complete Partnership offering to help our clients realise their Data Management Strategies.

Wyldlynx is excited about this opportunity to add value to our clients through our CyberRes membership in this program. We look forward to further expanding on these capabilities and helping more customers take control of their data security strategy. Contact us today for more information!

Using CyberRes File Analysis Suite we can help you find all sensitive and private data in all repositories.

By searching multiple file repositories and examining the documents, FAS can build up an accurate and enlightening view of exactly what is there.

Displaying your exact situation via an advanced graphical dashboard interface, offering overviews and drill-down details, documents can be categorised, examined and managed, directly from within the interface.

Boasting advanced analytics, FAS can provide a valuable assessment of the situation, allowing for true, informed management.




Major Australian Utility

A large Australian public Utility, created as a result of the combination of 3 separate utilities, this organisation has a very large and far-reaching responsibility in the region, providing vital services for the general public.

As a result of the merging of three separate organisations providing similar services, this new utility had an abundance of similar yet different information, records, documents and processes.


The large volume of data now under control of one utility organisation, resulting from the amalgamation of 3 separate organisations, needed to be collated, analysed and managed.

This data consisted of many network drives, totalling many Terabytes of data, filled with documents of varying formats and standards, as well as records within Micro Focus Content Manager instances.

This organisation was looking to get an accurate picture of their current record situation, to allow them to make informed decisions on their proceses and future direction, with the hope of an increase in efficiency and a reduction in storage and duplication.

The Solution

WyldLynx began by first gaining an understanding of the history that led the organisation to this point, as an understanding of the process allows for greater anticipation of any potential issues or pitfalls, and can shape the direction of the investigation.

A full analysis was then conducted of all of the records contained within the Content Manager instances, and across the multiple network drives containing millions of files and documents that had been accumulated over the lifetime of each of the three original utilities.

To conduct this investigation, WyldLynx implemented ControlPoint, which was used to collate and analyse all of the data in question, including the individual files and records contained within Content Manager.

After examining all of the records and files flagged for examination, WyldLynx discovered more than 6.6 million duplicate files and records, totalling more than 10 Terabytes of storage.

Reducing the storage requirements by more than 10TB for the years ahead alone created a potential saving in storage costs of $250,000 per year.

In addition to the storage savings and streamlining of the document and record management system, leading to increased efficiencies within the processes, ControlPoint gave the management team a greater understanding of their true situation.

With visual graphs, statistics and drill-down abilities, ControlPoint provided the management team with the ability to see exactly what was happening within their storage systems, as well as discovering any information governance issues that existed, including examples of sensitive information being stored insecurely. These instances were found and rectified, and process changes implemented to ensure these situations were avoided in the future.

Once changes were implemented to bring about storage improvements and process changes, designed from newly informed management decisions, Legal and Information searches were automated, bringing further process improvements and efficiencies to the day-to-day operations of this large utility.


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