ControlPoint by Micro Focus® takes the pain out of information governance by leveraging ControlPoint's visual interface and robust analytics. Clean up legacy data and automate records declaration to clear your pathway to the Cloud.

With ControlPoint, you can Identify, Access, Connect, Clean Up, and Control Data across Enterprise Systems, from small to extremely large.

ControlPoint helps you achieve information compliance by making it possible to not only access information, but also understand, classify, and reduce outdated and unnecessary legacy dark data content easily via the customisable visual interface.

Get to know your data for better insights and better decisions

A better way to manage data

If your business is like most today, you store data in a number of systems and information repositories—an approach that has become the norm over the past two decades with rapid advancements in information technology.

But as data volumes continue to increase, you face significant business risks and loss of efficiency because you simply can’t control all the information contained in siloed repositories. Time is wasted looking for a specific document that has not been managed appropriately—and you may not be fully aware of what other information you actually have.

Identify, connect, and control data across your systems

With MicroFocus Information Governance and file analysis solutions, you can connect and better manage the data in your systems to gain control over information assets across your enterprise. ControlPoint uses the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Connector framework to identify, analyse and control diverse types of information stored in enterprise repositories and dark data. ControlPoint helps you to categorize and apply policy to content indexed by IDOL. A dashboard-style display provides valuable business insight into the themes, locations, and value of your information.

An advanced file analysis tool facilitating information governance for connected data sources, ControlPoint simplifies the definition and application of policy—regardless of data format or location. There is no need for source-specific policies, which become difficult to manage and unify across the enterprise, and no need for staff to learn multiple system tools and user interfaces.

Role-based security allows you to delegate different tasks to reduce the likelihood of errors and bottlenecks, and can be used to control user access to repositories, policies, IDOL categories, and administrative tasks.

Key benefits include:

Shine a light on dark data that is sitting unmanaged in email repositories, file shares, and SharePoint sites to save significant storage costs and gain better access to valuable information.

Minimize the cost and risk of declaring records to be managed in a records management system for long-term governance.

Analyze vast amounts of enterprise data and intelligently migrate targeted information to Cloud-based repositories for improved security, user access and lower overall storage costs.

ControlPoint provides a range of file analysis capabilities, including:

  • Advanced, graphical visualization of information clusters based on meaning make it easy for executives to identify trends or popular concepts and themes.
  • Two-dimensional cluster maps show heat zones of information grouped by concepts. You can click on the graph to see the underlying documents within that zone.
  • Three-dimensional spectrographs display how clusters change over a period of time, and provide insight about the evolution of your enterprise information to use in training policies or in applying defensible disposal management rules.

ControlPoint summary pages present the analysis of indexed data graphically with statistical summaries and data categorization. This file analysis allows you to understand the breakdown of data types and categories across the enterprise or specific repositories. A range of tools and reports support a policy-driven and compliant clean-up process, enabling you to:

  • Generate reports on items marked for deletion
  • Maintain audit trails of policy selection criteria and execution
  • Review and approve policy application and execution

Navigational tools allow you to drill down to explore different areas of policy application. For instance, a compliance officer can learn how much data is potentially on hold across all enterprise systems or what potential policy violations are occurring. Comprehensive reporting brings critical transparency to your compliance condition.

The 5 stages of Enterprise data cleanup with ControlPoint

Identify and Index

1. Identify and Index

2. Analyse

3. Organise

4. Reduce
Manage and migrate

5. Manage and migrate

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